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Like all good stories- it's a long one.  Harting Dental Lab was started in 1958 by my grandfather and a few other technicians after their service in WW2.  Throughout the years the other technicians decided on other careers and Amos Harting Sr. slowly bought them out of the business.  As time went on his reputation for doing great work grew the business and afforded him to send his 3 children to college.  

One of them, my father, Amos Harting Jr., graduated with a degree in law but soon after decided to join his father's business.  After going back to school for his degree in dental technology, and his father’s passing, he has greatly furthered the business by ushering it into the age of implants, porcelain, digital technology, and cosmetic dentistry.

Being brought up in the dental lab from a young age, both my brother and I have taken classes from many world renowned technicians.  With our tradition of skill and adding our own style we strive every day to exceed expectations and provide a partnership with dentists that helps build their practice for a brighter future.

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